​Here are just some of our client's testimonials.

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This shooting season is almost over. I don't know how many rounds of MD Ammunitions I have run thru my PCC's but I do know they never failed! Soft shooting, reliable...every time! I just want to thank Donna and Mike for the best Ammo, by far! Great Ammo from GREAT people!  Kurt Omensetter

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  Wouldn't buy .38 or .357 from anywhere else. Excellent people to deal with.​    Joey Shelton​​

  ****Hey guys, we are still here.  All prepped and ready to load when we get some primers in.  Will let you know when that is!!****



  ****Hey guys, we are still here.  All prepped and ready to load when we get some primers in.  Will let you know when that is!!****

Best ammo for my pcc I have shot around 7,000 rounds this year and never had a problem. Mike and Donna are the best.  Brian Ferguson

 Really some great people at MD Ammunition’s, everyone who knows me, knows that I give my 100% honest opinion on everything & all the time. So even if

 it’s something people don’t want to hear, that way nobody can ever say I’m a liar.

Having said that:  With all these different ammo companies to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right ammo for you & your gun. Especially with all the different types. A lot   of times I ask Ammo makers questions just to see if they know what they are talking about, even though I already know the answer. I do that to check others   honesty. In this sport I have yet to meet anyone dishonest & not willing to help you. That’s why I love it so much. All the questions I have asked to MD   Ammunitions they answered correctly & really are fine people. I’ve been shooting since I was 4 years old, so there’s a lot I know & there’s a lot I still have to learn   but few things about MD I’ve learned, they stand behind their product & produce fine ammunition.
 Thank you guys for all you do for the sport & as always, it’s nice seeing you at the matches. Mark Lanfier - Competitive shooter

SIG Sauer SCSA World Speed Shooting Championship
May 15, 2019 to May 19, 2019
Talladega, AL

​​  MD Ammuntions is a locally owned, re-manufactured ammunition business here in Tennessee.  We are expanding our facility with new equipment to supply products to our customers. All of our ammunition is loaded using American-made components. Our once fired range brass is meticulously cleaned and put through a rigorous quality control inspection before being loaded through our commercial grade loaders.  

We have spent months developing a competitive load for our ammunition now being used by Team Norseman and other competitive shooters all over the USA.   We supply Windrock Shooting Range. 

We also now offer in 9mm both 950 fps (soft) and 1050 fps.  All of our ammunition is tested with a Sig  4.4" barrel.